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Vibration White Finger Compensation Claims

Vibration White Finger

WVF  is an industrial injury that is brought on by continuous use of hand-held machinery that vibrates. This is an hand-arm vibration syndrome and dead finger and affects an estimated 200,000 sufferers in some sectors.

An affliction is a secondary form of Raynaud’s syndrome, and injury occurs at frequencies ranging from 5Hz and 2KHz, although the highest risk from 50 and 150 Hz. The condition was first officially recognised in 1911, but not formally listed as a prescribed disease in the United Kingdom until 1985.

How are people affected by VWF?

The disorder afflicts the blood vessels, muscles, joints, connective tissues and nerves of the hand, arm and wrist. The symptoms of the affliction range in severity and include the following:

* In mild cases, the sufferer will experience a slight tingling sensation in the fingers. Symptomatic of the blood vessels and nerves being affected. As the condition gets more severe, the whole finger from tip to knuckle will start to tingle, the sufferer may experience loss of feeling in the fingers.

* With continued exposure, the sufferer’s fingers may begin to change colour, and this is symptomatic of the blood vessels being heavily affected. This is a periodic affliction where the fingers will very quickly turn pale and lose feeling when the to suffer’s hands are exposed to the cold. This can be followed by an intensely uncomfortable throbbing sensation when the blood circulation returns to the fingers and the finger colour changes from pale to an intense red.

* Eventually, the sufferer will start to lose manual dexterity in the fingers. This is symptomatic of the nerves and muscles being affected, and will manifest itself in an inability to move the hands well, or a rapid loss of grip strength. Although these symptoms can be temporary, they can be extremely painful to the sufferer.Vibration Plate Compactor Cutout

* After continuous and prolonged exposure to vibration, the symptoms can become permanent, and can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. In the most extreme cases, the sufferer can lose fingers.


The UK Government established legislation in 2005 for the Control of Vibration and Work Regulations, which was under the Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974.

Compensation for Vibration White Finger

Everyone who suffers from VWF is entitled to claim compensation through the Industrial Disablement Benefit, which was established to help all workers who have suffered disability or disease as a result of their work.

In 1997, the High Court of the United Kingdom awarded £127,000 of compensation to seven coal miners who had suffered VWF. As a result, the government established a specialist fund to cover claims by other coal miners. This has subsequently exceeded £100 million in compensation payments.

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