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Public Transport Accident Claims

Our solicitors can help you get the money for your injuries quickly.

Had an accident on public transport?

Public transport like buses and trains is used by millions of people every day around the UK. Every year, more than 3 billion bus journeys are made in the UK.

Whether you use public transport every day or just once in a while, you could be involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Types of public transport accidents

Because you are using a service provided by someone else, public transport accidents are often not the passengers’ fault. Lots of accidents can happen while using public transport, including:

  • Sliding on wet surfaces while transport is moving
  • Tripping or falling when boarding or getting off
  • Tripping or falling over luggage or other items
  • Injuries caused by sharp edges or faults on fixtures and fittings
  • Injuries caused by reckless or careless driving
  • Collisions caused by the driver, another road user or a pedestrian

If you’ve had a public transport accident

If you’ve been injured in a public transport accident, you might have to take some time off work.If your injuries are more severe or long-lasting, you may not be able to work at all. Lost earning and treatment costs can put a strain on your finances. In these circumstance, it can be helpful to seek compensation for the accident.

To claim compensation for a public transport accident, it needs to have happened in the last three years and the accident can’t be your fault.

PHC Law can claim compensation on your behalf, helping you recover physically and financially from your accident.

Find out how much compensation you can claim.

Who am I claiming compensation from?

All public transport companies are insured for incidents just like this. They will be prepared for compensation claims and have insurance to cover the cost of pay outs. You will not be claiming from an individual, like the bus driver, for example.

How do I make a claim?

It’s simple to start your claim with PHC Law. Fill in this form or call us free on 0800 612 7 612 A member of our team will  take some details about your accident, and assess whether you have a case for compensation. If you do, they’ll explain the process and could even give an estimate of how much compensation you might get.

This consultation is totally free and completely confidential. There’s no obligation to proceed with a claim, even after speaking to us.

So, contact us now see if you could claim compensation for your public transport accident; there really is nothing to lose.

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