Work Injury Compensation Claim Settled

A 38 year old man suffered a work injury to his leg, and claimed compensation for a personal injury with PHC Law. 

Sometimes there is a public perception that work injuries tend to be a slip or a fall down stairs. On the contrary work injuries can be a myriad of different types. Some of which are extraordinary and totally negligent. Many work injuries involve a person or persons operating machinery – this is quite common.

Work Injury Compensation Claim Settled

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In this particular case the claimant was a 38 year old gentleman that sustained a large laceration to his right leg. He was a Team Leader at an engineering firm. He was assisting a colleague to move a large machine when the legs of the machine broke off cutting into his leg. Unfortunately the laceration had difficulty healing, which caused distress. The personal injury was deep, degloving to the bone, resulting in tendon damage. 

The gentleman contacted PHC Law for help. We settled his case for £8,600 compensation. This included £6,500 for injury and £2,100 for financial losses. The settlement took into account his physio/medication and care from his wife at home whilst he recovered.

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