Work Accidents In Skelmersdale

car accident skelmersdaleKnown affectionately by locals as “Skem”, the West Lancashire town of Skelmersdale is based on high ground near the River Tawd. Wigan lies a few miles to the east, while Liverpool and Preston are both within 15 miles.

Once important to Britain’s mining sector, modern Skelmersdale is made up mainly of housing estates. However, there is still a fair bit of industry and work available locally, with the Co-op Bank the town’s single largest employer. Many also work at local distribution centres for major retailers, clothing firms and food and snack manufacturers.

So the reality is that when it comes to work accidents, Skelmersdale is just as vulnerable as anywhere else in the UK, from slips and trips to accidents caused by inadequate equipment. If you are unlucky enough to experience an accident at work yourself, the consequences for you and your family can be far-reaching and last for a long time.

Are you eligible for compensation after your Skelmersdale work accident?

If you’ve had an injury at work in Skelmersdale, you may well be entitled to claim personal injury compensation, provided it happened within the last three years and you are able to prove it happened through no fault of your own. After all, those who employ others in the UK are legally obliged to take responsibility for their staff’s safety and well-being, so you can receive compensation if you feel your employer has been neglectful in meeting these duties.

While there is a lot of publicity surrounding the “compensation culture”, you would only be claiming money to which you are genuinely entitled, and which you will almost certainly need for extra expenses, from travel for hospital appointments to lost earnings.

How PHC Law can help

If you’re looking to make an injury claims after a work accident in Skelmersdale, we at Preston-based PHC Law can help.

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