Winter weather causes increase in road traffic accidents

With people across the UK turning on their heating as cold weather settles in for the next few months, the number of road traffic accidents is also set to increase. Those injured in collisions are also faced with the decision about making an injury claim.claim for ice on road

Heavy rain is already hitting many areas of the UK. While it might not be as severe as last winter’s flooding, it does still have a major impact on driving conditions. Improperly maintained vehicles might not be able to handle wet conditions, causing accidents. These can happen on any road at any time of day. Even the best driver might be ineffective in controlling their vehicle if it isn’t maintained properly.

In some road traffic accidents, there are no injuries. A so called fender bender might just be that. However, in many cases, there is an injury. In these cases, an injury claim can help you get compensation for your suffering. This can include the costs of specialist treatments, lost wages, and more.

If you are involved in a road traffic accident, your injury might not be apparent at the roadside. In cases of back and neck injury, in particular, many victims only feel the effects after some time has passed. These injuries are still the result of the accident and should be treated as such.

The best course of action in any road traffic accident that has resulted in personal injury is to speak with a solicitor who specialises in injury claims. With 98% accident claims success and over 100 years collective experience, we are one of the UK’s most reputable compensation claims firms.

If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, you shouldn’t hesitate to make an injury claim. A claim can offer you the closure after a difficult situation, and even bring you compensation to make up for the expenses related to your injury.

Of course, it’s always important to take extra care when driving in bad weather. Making sure your car is properly maintained and ready for the elements is a step every driver should take before each journey. But, unfortunately, not every driver takes this level of care. When an accident has been avoidable and left you injured, it is only right that you take the steps to make an injury claim.