Understanding Four Common Eye Injuries

A wide range of injuries can be caused by situations where you are in no way to blame. This might be a slip or fall, at work or in a traffic situation. All are traumatic, often none more so than when you sustain eye injuries. If any of the following most common types of such injuries have happened to you, then there may be a claim for compensation to be made.

Corneal Abrasion

This scratching of the surface of your eye can occur when you are accidentally poked in it, or if a foreign body such as grit, dirt or sand finds its way into your eye. This can happen in many different work environments. Like any other eye injury or damage, it’s always important to seek medical help. This can also provide evidence should a claim then be made. In a workplace, such incidents might have occurred because proper safety equipment hadn’t been provided or the required health and safety procedures followed. This is also a likely cause of several of the other injuries noted below. Such scratches could also occur from airborne particles of debris when passing a work site or the like and are also susceptible to bacterial or fungal infection or other contamination.

Foreign Objects

Such injuries can occur from a range of small objects such as a metal substance that embed themselves in the surface of the eye. If untreated, these can actually form a ring of rust that can then lead to serious scarring. Again, a work environment is a likely source of such accidents, as are the aftermath of traffic accidents with flying glass, paint fibres and the like.

Caustic Substances

If you are splashed in the eye by anything other than water, it can be a very anxious moment. There are two types of substances that are likely to cause problems. The first are acids, which cause redness and burning, but can often be washed out. Surprisingly, alkaline substances can be more problematic, as they don’t cause an immediate reaction but can cause long-term problems. Examples are oven or toilet cleaners, often not simply because of a splash but also from transference over a period of time by wiping your eyes with hands that have been exposed to them.

Swelling And Bleeding

As an example, if you were hit in the eye by a squash ball or the like then swelling and bleeding is likely to follow and inflammation of the iris can also occur. If you were struck by a racket then you might also suffer damage to the bone structure around the eye itself.

Action To Take

Of course, it’s vital to receive swift medical treatment for all of the injuries mentioned above. It’s also important to talk to experts like our team here at PHC Law preston who are experienced in making eye compensation claims. With over a century of joint team experience and an astounding 98% success rate in all injury claims made, we’ll offer both professional advice and practical support to help assess whether a claim can be made.