Are UK veterans losing out because of injuries?

Those who serve their country often come home with injuries, and they deserve compensation for their suffering while in the forces. However, many veterans simply don’t know that they are entitled to make a compensation claim for these injuries.

The injuries sustained while in the armed forces are hugely varied, but can all have a major impact on life back home. A lost limb can be life changing; it can affect the work you do, how you interact with your family, and your prospects for the future. Even unseen injuries, such as tinnitus or psychological injuries, can be equally damaging. They can make it impossible for you to work and provide for your family.

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme was set up to ensure that those disabled, injured, or bereaved by service get the compensation they are due. However, many veterans struggle to make injury claims for themselves. It has also been found by veterans’ groups that the time it takes for the body to process compensation claims is over 7 months.

While some critics want to blame these delays on the so-called ‘compensation culture’ the reality is that the personal injury claims being made are justified, and those who have served their country deserve compensation for their injuries while in the forces. Rather than being treated as heroes, those who were injured face long wait times and an often confusing claim process.

However, with the help of an experienced injury claim solicitor, it is possible to make an Armed Forces Compensation Scheme claim much easier. With a 98% success rate for accident claims and over 100 years of collective experience, we know that any type of injury can be devastating. When it occurs in service, the need for compensation can be even more critical.

With a huge increase in medical discharges, the need to make injury claims is clear. In the last five years, over 9,000 veterans have been medically discharged, facing a post-forces life that is dramatically different from what they had known before.

If you’re a uk veteran who experienced an injury while in the forces, you deserve to make a claim. Whether it was the result of daily exposure or an accident while in service, we can help you make your personal injury claim, so get in touch with us today.