Tougher Calls Made to Reduce Cannabis Drug Driving

Every thirty seconds someone, somewhere in the world is killed in a car crash. Road safety charity, ‘Brake’ has tirelessly campaigned and worked extremely hard to win the backing and support of the Government to move more swiftly towards creating a zero tolerance towards drink and drug driving in the UK.legal cannabis

As a personal injury firm dealing with hundreds of road traffic accidents every year, the team at PHC Law applaud Brake and admire their continuous efforts, hard work and dedication towards ensuring that Britain’s roads are safer.

Earlier this month, a report by the British Medical Journal revealed drivers who smoke cannabis within three hours of getting behind the wheel double the risk of a being responsible for causing a serious crash.

In the UK, cannabis is the most common drug that has been found in people’s blood whilst driving under the influence. 18% of people killed in road crashes have traces of illegal drugs in their blood.

A recent survey carried out by Brake and Direct Line revealed that one in nine young motorists admitted to driving illegally under the influence of drugs.

At present that is no law against driving with illegal drugs in your system, meaning police have to prove impairment. This makes it more difficult for the police to test and prosecute motorists who are putting not only their life but other people’s lives at risk by drug driving.

The government is now in the process of introducing drug screening devices into police stations.

Road Safety Minister Mike Penning confirmed the government intends to introduce a new drug-driving offence and announced a panel of experts will advise on the technicalities of introducing the new offence, and exploring the opportunities of whether it is possible to set limits equivalent to the drink drive limit.

Julie Townsend, Brake deputy chief executive said: “Tackling drug driving should be a top priority. This report highlights the danger posed by drivers who have smoked cannabis and adds weight to Brake’s calls for widespread testing and prosecution of drivers who selfishly risk lives by taking illegal drugs and driving. Brake supports bereaved and seriously injured victims of road crashes and knows too well the horrifying devastation caused by drug drivers. We are pleased the government has expressed commitment to tackling drug driving; we now need urgent action to bring in this desperately needed change in the law – taking a tough, zero tolerance stance – and roadside screening devices to create a strong deterrent against this heinous and highly dangerous behaviour.”

Brake is also urging the government to push through type approval for roadside drug screening devices, similar to alcohol breathalysers, enabling widespread enforcement checks and a ignificant.

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