Air Pollution Blamed for Traffic Accidents

Air pollution could be to blame for hundreds of traffic accidents, according to researchers. A study conducted by the London Schools of Economics presents evidence that air pollution is responsible for road traffic accidents. Well, MAY be responsible. The evidence is still disputable. Some in the media are sceptical. In a study analysing 5 years’ worth of…


RTA Victim Claims £200,000.00 For Head On Crash

The Claimant suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.  The accident was a very violent head on collision caused by the dangerous driving of the first Defendant who was subsequently prosecuted and jailed. The Claimant was 38-years old when the accident occurred.  She suffered serious multiple injuries including multiple fractures and bruising to the…


Making An Accident Compensation Claim Against A Robot?

Making a road traffic accident claim following a collision in which someone has sustained a serious injury can seem a complicated business, and is certainly a good time to have the right legal team on your side. In most instances, you will be making a claim against the other driver, or his or her insurers,…