‘Collateral’ Lies Can’t Ruin Insurance Claims

What are ‘collateral lies’ concerning insurance claims? Basically it’s when someone making a claim exaggerates for personal gain, and not always financial gain. However, collateral lies in many cases never actually impact on the final result. This is the reason why the legal profession refers to them as ‘collateral’. Exaggerating on insurance claims, or telling…


PHC Law Claims £35,000.00 Road Traffic Accident Victim

The Claimant  was injured in a road traffic accident. The accident was a violently shocking and catastrophic accident.  The Defendant and his passenger were both killed.  Liability was admitted. The accident had a profound effect on the Claimant’s physical and mental well-being.  The Claimant suffered a life threatening aortic tear injury which received expert treatment and…


Maximise your chances of a successful personal injury claim after a road traffic accident

From January to March this year, volumes of all motor vehicle traffic increased by just over 4%, increasing the potential for more accidents and therefore claims to be made follow this as a guide for a successful personal injury claim. If you’re unfortunate enough to become involved in an accident on the road, whether that’s…


Cyclist left with serious injuries following road accident

According to a recent court report, a 39-year-old cyclist was left with serious injuries after a road accident, being knocked over by a car at a junction in Preston. The driver of the vehicle claimed that he had accidentally ran a red light following being dazzled by the sun. The unlucky victim, who was thrown off…


Dealing with the Legal Issues of a Road Traffic Accident

No-one wants to be involved in a road traffic accident (RTA). However, these unwelcome events can happen at any time and at any place therefore you need to know what to do if you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in one. If you are involved in an RTA with another vehicle then you…


Does the UK Need More 20mph Speed Limit Zones?

We’re personal injury lawyers with years of experience across the spectrum of accident compensation. Something we like to keep tabs on is the flow of popular opinion on subjects relating to our fields of expertise, like speed limits. Speeding is a key cause of road accidents in the UK, but what can be done? Some…