Criminal Injury Claim Prevented for Pregnant Woman

A pregnant woman stabbed more than 20 times across her body in a frenzied attack of violence cannot make a claim for compensation. Read on >>> A legal precedent, set by the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority appeal prevented the case. It stated that an unborn child is not a person in law within the meaning…


Psychological Compensation Claims – Anything But Simple

Judges have a difficult job in ruling on psychological compensation claims as there are usually a number of things to consider and typically, nothing is clear cut. How does the level of compensation reflect the claimant’s suffering or life-changing condition when no physical scars are to be seen? Often encouraged by sections of the media…


Psychological damage claim – is time a factor?

A recent news story provides an interesting example of what could be considered as adding insult to injury. Although no psychological injury claim is presently pending, the case of the American youngster being asked to leave a fast food restaurant because her facial injuries were upsetting other diners, shows how this kind of claim can arise…