Industrial Injury Gun Blast Victim Receives £5,000.00 Compensation

A factory worker with an Industrial injury from Harlow has been awarded £5,000.00 compensation. On 17th April 2009 the man was injured when a high pressure hose failed, causing industrial glue to be blasted into his face resulting in horrific injuries to both eyes. The Claimant suffered a transient injury to the left eye, together with…


Employee Electrocuted at Work Receives £20,000.00 Settlement

A 23 year-old from Central London who was electrocuted at work has received £20,000.00 in compensation in an out of court settlement. Mr John Cooper, a senior consultant at PHC Law said his client was employed by a construction company. On the day of the accident they asked him to cut out cabling using an…


Nightclub Assault Victim Wins Case with PHC Law

A man who was assaulted during a night out turned to PHC Law for legal expert advice after suffering multiple injuries in a unprovoked attack in a nightclub assault. The Applicant suffered serious injuries when he was assaulted in a nightclub where he was knocked unconscious. He suffered a skull fracture, brain injury and loss…


Making Compensation Claims for Injures Received at Funfairs and Theme Parks

Injures received at funfairs and theme parks are easy to find, a frivolous excursion can easily turn into a miserable day out if you are unfortunate enough to be injured by way of an on-site accident. Of course, the chances are that this will not happen to you. Indeed, theme parks and funfairs operating in…


Brain Injury Victim Receives Settlement in 2 months through PHC Law

A man who suffered a minor brain injury in an unprovoked attack has received compensation with the help of PHC Law personal injury solicitors. The man turned to PHC Law’s criminal injury law specialists for legal advice after he was attacked in October 2012. The Applicant was sat on a bench waiting to meet some…


Abducted Sexual Assault Victim Gets Justice with the Help of PHC Law

PHC Law, specialist personal injury solicitors who take cases on a no win no fee basis has successfully recovered £11,000 compensation for a woman who turned to them for legal advice following an incident that resulted in her sustaining significant injuries being an abducted sexual assault victim. The Applicant was abducted and assaulted both physically...

Dealing with the Legal Issues of a Road Traffic Accident

No-one wants to be involved in a road traffic accident (RTA). However, these unwelcome events can happen at any time and at any place therefore you need to know what to do if you are unfortunate enough to be caught up in one. If you are involved in an RTA with another vehicle then you…


How Much Compensation?

How much compensation is one of the most frequently asked questions our team of personal injury solicitors get asked by Claimant’s who turn to us for help to make a personal injury claim. If you have suffered an injury that was not your fault then you may be entitled to compensation. At PHC Law we…