Insurance Rises Despite Personal Injury Claims Decrease

In 2016 The Conservative Government promised there wouldn’t be an car insurance rise but new reports suggest premiums continue to rise. Despite the promise from the Department of Justice, motor premiums have increased despite a drop in the number of claims. The evidence available in the public domain suggests this. According to The Times newspaper,…


Economists Say Personal Injury Reforms Risk 35,000 jobs

Accordingly to economists 80 per cent of people directly employed in the personal injury business face losing their jobs if Ministry of Justice reforms become law. The number of people directly employed in the personal injury market includes lawyers, claims management companies, insurers and medical reporting agencies. The consultation period for the proposed justice reforms…


Are long waiting times solid grounds for personal injury claims?

Delays faced by patients for NHS treatment have risen sharply, despite government pledges to keep waiting times low statistics reveal. Information supplied by England’s acute hospital trusts shows that patients are facing a postcode lottery in the length of time they are having to wait for treatment. There are delays as long as 215 days…


Injured While At Work In Darwen

Located just to the south of Blackburn, the area where the town of Darwen is situated has been home to settlements for thousands of years. When Mohandas K Gandhi accepted an invitation to visit the town in 1931, he was welcomed warmly by many “Darreners” who were painfully aware of the problems caused by India’s…