Speed Cameras Now on Preston London Road

In a bid to bring more traffic control to Preston’s already congested streets, Lancashire County Council’s solution is to further punish motorists. But is this fair and will it reduce accidents and improve safety? On a safety level, speed cameras usually work but there do nothing to reduce traffic congestion. Speed camera’s only punish and…


Police Warn Preston Shoppers of ‘Card Skimming’ Scam

Lancashire Police say they have received a number of reports about so-called credit card ‘skimming’ devices. Shoppers in and around Preston are warned to be aware of it. Credit card skimming is theft. Pure and simple. A thief may not take the actual card but they steal its identification details which equals theft and fraud….


20mph Zones Introduced in the NorthWest

Almost 16 months ago Southport councillors voted through plans to install several 20mph zones. Southport traffic has increased since 2012. Yet public data recently revealed that road traffic accidents have decreased during 2016.  The areas that had new Southport traffic control zones introduced include Ainsdale Village, Fleetwood Road area, Avondale Road, and Heathfield Road. The…


Had A Personal Injury At Work In Lancashire?

With a population in its wider area of over 1,460,893, Lancashire’s has been a main area of commerce for many large companies for over 100 years. You may not realise it but just because it's not reported in the media, personal injury and accidents at work are not uncommon. Its levels of unemployment may be slightly higher...

Lancashire Health And Safety College Fined For Workplace Accident

An engineering technician has successfully won an injury at work Lancashire claim against a college that ironically specialises in teaching health and safety courses. Marc Antonio Albanese broke his back after he fell from a stepladder balancing against a filing cabinet at Burnley College. His injuries caused him to have more than five months off…


Accidents And Personal Injuries At Work Lancaster

Have you been involved in a workplace accident or personal injury in Lancaster – Lancashire, if the answer is yes it is time to speak to your local personal injury solicitors PHC Law about making a claim. Lancaster has been an important city for trade since the Saxon era and the region remains significant today thanks to…


Injury At Work In Clayton Le Moors

Based in Hyndburn, Lancashire, where it is known locally as simply Clayton, Clayton le Moors enjoys good road links and is within easy commuting distances of places such as Accrington, Blackpool and Lancaster. It offers residents a reasonable variety of places to work, from schools and a public library to the hospitality industry, with a number…