Car Insurance Prices Continue to Rise

In October 2016 the AA (Automobile Association) reported a 15% rise in car insurance premiums compared to previous October in 2015. Now this figure looks to continue into 2017. Depressing stuff? Well, rising car insurance premiums probably will be depressing to the average motorist. Yes, the current Bank of England interest rates are quite low…


‘Collateral’ Lies Can’t Ruin Insurance Claims

What are ‘collateral lies’ concerning insurance claims? Basically it’s when someone making a claim exaggerates for personal gain, and not always financial gain. However, collateral lies in many cases never actually impact on the final result. This is the reason why the legal profession refers to them as ‘collateral’. Exaggerating on insurance claims, or telling…


Flash for Cash – The Latest Insurance Scam to Hit the Roads

Sometimes, as a driver, it can feel like the wind is constantly against you, insurance premiums, taxes and the price of fuel make getting about a costly business. When you arrive, a simple thing like parking can turn into a mission as well. So news of a new ‘flash for cash‘ scam is hardly welcome….