Survey Reveals Motorway Tailgating Risks Lives

Following a recent survey conducted by road safety charity BRAKE, PHC Law is appealing for motorists to take extra care whilst driving on motorways.tail gating crash claim

Brake and Direct Line who carried out the survey amongst 942 motorists found that:

Over 53% of those surveyed admit breaking the two second rule on motorways, compared to 49% in a similar survey carried out in 2004.

Men are more likely to driver too close to vehicles in front compared to women. 61% of male drivers who took part in the survey admitted to tailgating on motorways compared to 46% of women drivers. 30% of men admit to doing this on a weekly basis.

Young drivers are slightly more likely to break the two second rule and more likely to do this frequently. 30% of young drivers admitted to tailgating on motorways weekly, compared to 21% of older drivers.

Mr.Wood, a specialist road traffic accident solicitor at PHC Law said: “Motorists who don’t keep their distance from the vehicles in front are running the risk of being involved in an accident. We deal with many accidents as a result of this, some of which have resulted in serious injuries that have had devastating affects.

“It is important for motorists to commit to the two second rule, to prevent tailgating and be responsible for their own safety as well as other motorway drivers”.

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If you are interested in other survey results published by Brake and Direct Line, visit www.driverpoll.com to view their series of reports on safe driving.