Supermarket Case Study

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A lady who slipped on a piece of fruit whilst shopping at her local supermarket has received £2,750 compensation.

When the lady contacted us for help to file a claim for compensation, her case was quickly passed onto Mr John Cooper, senior consultant solicitor of PHC Law who handled her claim.

The accident happened when our Claimant was getting ready to leave the supermarket that she had visited to do her weekly shopping when she slipped and fell heavily onto the floor, resulting in injuries to her back and hip.

Pieces of fruit that had fallen from one of the roof racks had fallen onto the floor that, causing the floor surface to become wet and slippery which was the root cause of the accident.

The supermarket instantly provided assistance to the woman and the incident was reported immediately onsite.

Following negotiations with the supermarkets insurers, they admitted liability and the claim was settled for the total sum of £2,750 compensation.

Mr Cooper commented: “I am extremely happy with the outcome of this case. Because the supermarket we was dealing with is a large reputable store, things progressed quite swiftly and liability was admitted”

“However, accidents like this should not happen and safety measures should be put in place to prevent them from happening. Unfortunately accidents like this do happen, and I would urge anyone in this situation to get in touch.”