What should I do if I have suffered a personal injury?

Personal injury is categorised into two sections; physical injury or psychological injury. An injury, disease or illness that affects you physically or an illness or disease that affects you psychologically. You can suffer from one or both of the personal injury categories.

The most common physical injuries can arise from a number of scenarios, such as a traffic accident that wasn’t your fault, an accident at work because your employer didn’t take necessary precautions, and one of the common injuries of all, when a person trips over paving stones.

Psychological injury can arise too in a number of ways. You can be the victim of a crime and left mentally scarred; you may be suffering from an illness such as depression due to stress in the workplace or you could be psychologically damaged due to problems with faulty goods or services.

Should you be suffering from any type of personal injury, before you continue to suffer in silence, you must consider exactly what options are out there and the best way to proceed.

Ask yourself: do you think what has happened to you is OK? Is it OK that you are suffering through someone else’s mistake or negligence? If not, it’s time to make a complaint. Are you wanting to make a claim for compensation? Have you, for example, had to take time off work for treatment for your personal injury? This can also include any major financial problems that you have faced immediately after the injury was sustained or began to develop. As a result from you personal injury, do you need to see a professional to help you deal with the way in which your illness has affected you, a therapist or counsellor?

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