White Cars Are Safe Cars

Following recent tests and experiments carried out by Germany’s Tuev-Nord testing agency, experts say white is the safest colour of car to choose.

Car buyers interested in a good resale price tend to go for black, silver, or dark blue vehicles but when it comes to safety, experts say white should be the colour of choice.white cars are safer on the roads

According to Tuev-Nord, white cars are less likely to be crashed into by other vehicles when the ambient light is poor. Black cars are the least visible, even in bright sunshine, followed by popular shades such as anthracite and grey.

Accident figures from around the world reflect the risks posed by darker coloured cars. Bright and vibrant colours such as whites and yellows reflect the light better, making them more visible from a distance.

Research carried out in Sweden found that pink cars were involved in the fewest car accidents while in Australia, research conducted by the Monash University Accident Unit found that black cars were 12 per cent more likely than white ones to be involved in an accident. This was followed by grey and silver cars.

A study at New Zealand’s University of Auckland also linked car colour to rates of injury casing accidents. The study showed that that those who drove brown coloured cars were at the highest risk of sustaining an injury in a car crash.

Black and green cars also showed a higher risk of being involved in a car accident.

Many car accidents can result in personal injury. If you have been involved in a road traffic accident, that wasn’t your fault, you should seek medical attention straight away. You may also be entitled to make a claim and should seek legal advice from a firm of personal injury solicitors who specialise in road traffic accidents.