Staff Say Workplace is Health Hazard

It really is a bold statement to declare that personal injury lawyers helped fuel the UK’s health and safety culture. Hang on a minute, isn’t H&S legislation debated and passed as law in the commons?

Lawyers are simply not responsible for debating workplace health hazards at Westminster. This article looks at UK staff in the workplace and asks, are we really at risk?

If you are at risk from a workplace health hazard what can you do? Staff Say Workplace Health Hazard existsThe media are sometimes too disparaging of personal injury lawyers. However, despite that belief about lawyers, they often challenge negligent employers as part of their remit.

It’s fairly obvious that despite the UK’s seemingly decent reputation for having good working practices, many employees are stuck in unsafe workplaces. Some workers report unsanitary working conditions, which is putting their health at risk like dirty kitchens and toilets. A lot of independent research done by agencies sheds light on rather ugly results. For instance, some workers report having picked up an illness from their place of work such as food poisoning. Others claim to have suffered injury because of slippery floors or cluttered offices.

Needless to say, these staff complain and post on social media that their boss does nothing to resolve the problem. Workplace health hazards are a reality for many.

Mike Ashley, owner of Sports Direct recently said in a BBC interview that ‘he had taken his eye off the ball’, and intended to put workings conditions right. Perhaps other company bosses need to look at Sports Direct? Understand many companies are neglecting health and safety. If we constantly mock and joke about a workplace health hazard, then our workplaces will by default become neglected and riddled with complacency.

After suffering an injury, whether personal injury or work related the average claim for compensation can be approx. £20,000. Have you questions or concerns? Get in touch.