Speed Cameras Now on Preston London Road

In a bid to bring more traffic control to Preston’s already congested streets, Lancashire County Council’s solution is to further punish motorists. But is this fair and will it reduce accidents and improve safety?

preston london road speed cameras

London Road, Preston

On a safety level, speed cameras usually work but there do nothing to reduce traffic congestion. Speed camera’s only punish and increase revenues for council’s. Dropping road speed limits is far more acceptable, fair, and democratic. Is this more about punishing Preston’s motorists? Why not put speed bumps across the road too?

There are eight sites across Lancashire going live Thursday 23 March, not just the London Road site. In Preston, the enforcement scheme includes cameras on the A565 Southport Road, the A583 Preston New Road, and A59 Brockholes Brow.

The London Road cameras are being installed following a number of crashes since 2012, including one during the summer last year where a motorcyclist died in an RTA.

One clear point highlighted on social media is that the cameras are easily identifiable yet many people think they look more like traffic management, not speed cameras which normally are boxed shaped and grey. Consensus suggests they will make little difference to morning and evening traffic jams. 

The London Road cameras are in position from the Capitol Centre to Albyn Street East. They are due to enforce a 30mph limit. Would it have been much better to have placed speed bumps, and speed signs at this location? To trust the public to follow the speed limit?

It seems not. These new speed cameras will be used to punish speeding motorists. Lancashire Constabulary’s assistant chief constable Tim Jacques is quoted in the press as saying, “We simply don’t want to catch motorists speeding. These routes all have a significant record of collisions resulting in both death and serious injury. It is our aim to reduce these numbers”.

“We are striving for a Lancashire where we prevent all collisions that result in death or serious injury.” Wouldn’t more 20mph or 30mph speed zones be a better option for both motorist and council in this age of austerity?