Does spectating make serious injury claims inevitable?

Spectators of outdoor sports events probably get to see more of the action by watching a broadcast from the comfort of their own sofa, and you’re less likely to be hurt sitting in your living room instead of standing at the side of a forest road watching rally cars flying past in a cloud of dust. It’s true that there has been an increase in serious injury claims following accidents at outdoor events in recent years, not necessarily because the events themselves have become more dangerous or because people are more likely now than ever to make serious injury claims, but simply because more of us are attending events like the Tour de France, with stages of the race being held on British roads, or the London Marathon or Great North Run.

One thing you don’t get by watching such events on television is the experience of being there, soaking up the buzz of everything which can be more exciting itself than the tactical battle going on between the participants. Statistically, of course, the more of us present, the greater the chance of someone getting hurt, despite all the organisers’ best efforts. The recent deaths of three spectators at the Jim Clark motor racing rally in the Scottish Borders has already prompted some to call for the event to be banned and for greater safety measures to be put in place. Apart from the fatalities, six other people were injured, when a rally car came off the road and collided with the spectators.

There’s a balance between ensuring the public is safe without detracting from the excitement of the event. People will always want to get as close to the action as possible but we all deserve to be adequately protected. None of us want to make serious injury claims because of someone else’s negligence. Spectators are also fans and may be reluctant to hurt the sport they love, but any claims for compensation will be against the insurers of the event. If you’ve been injured while spectating, it makes sense to get sound advice before deciding on what to do next. Sound advice is what you can expect to get from PHC Law. With over 100 years’ combined experience and a 98% success rate, PHC Law can help you to get a fair deal – which is all you can ask for.