Former Soldier Protects Crash Victim from Road Traffic

Former soldier Darren DeMarco moved an articulated lorry across lanes of the M1 northbound motorway early last Friday. He did it to protect a driver from road traffic, hanging upside down in her overturned vehicle.

Mr DeMarco explained that no one stopped to help. Some motorists even complained at him for stopping to help the victim.

Drive safe on Motorways

Drive safe on Motorways

The story appeared last week and widely circulated on social media. It ended up going ‘viral’. Online public opinion castigated the attitude of early morning motorists criticising Darren DeMarco for blocking the motorway to help. The lady in the crashed car did not sustain serious injury, fortunately. Mr DeMarco ended up pulling her to safety while fending off irate motorists shouting to get a move on while some beeped their car horns. Who were these people?

Why did people behave in this manner? Have we become this insensitive at 6am? Yet why did we all display indignation at this awful behaviour in social media columns? Yet we find it simply easy to verbally attack Mr Demarco for doing the moral thing. It all seems a little hypocritical.

Road Traffic Courage and Morality

Such stories of courage and morality are always the best ones. Considering Mr DeMarco is a former serving soldier that has key skills in First Aid seems like pure destiny and fortune for the road traffic accident victim. It is just a shame some elements of negative behaviour were demonstrated. The story comes at a time when the numbers of road traffic accidents appear to be rising, despite the UK being one of the safest places to drive in the world.

A local paper in Hertfordshire recently published some data about the numbers of traffic collisions caused by tired drivers across the county. Apparently, 126 road traffic collisions were caused by driver fatigue over the last three years. Therefore it is more common than people realise.

It is still unknown what caused this accident. Even so, we should commend Mr DeMarco not castigate him.

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