Slip on Wet Floor Compensation Claim Complete

A slip and fall, on a wet floor in a local supermarket has culminated in a knee injury compensation claim.i slipped in a supermarket can I claim

A 60 year old woman slipped on a wet floor and sustained injury to her knee. The woman was not a member of staff at the supermarket. She had simply visited the building to purchase items of shopping. Unfortunately, part of the floor on a particular shopping aisle was wet. This caused the personal injury.

Knee Injury:

The lady suffered from a torn cartilage and bruising to the surrounding knee bone. After managing this case for a period of time, PHC Law obtained compensation of £10,000 for her injury and £3,500 for assistance at home while she recuperated. We also obtained massage therapy to help with recovery.

Recovering from a personal injury takes time and people recover at different speeds depending on the nature of the injury. For example, recovery from a knee injury is not the same as recovery from a back or neck injury. Even a head injury has a different set of circumstances.

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