‘Shocking’ injury claims figures from West Midlands Police

We’ve said it in the past and we’ll say it again now; compensation injury claims make great headlines. This is easy to see from the latest story covered by the Daily Mail, highlighting the £600,000 of compensation claims made by West Midlands police officers over the past year.

A total of 26 police officers from the West Midlands police force have claimed compensation for various workplace accidents, including a fall off a chair, multiple dog bite claims, and someone who was unfortunately hit by a car park barrier.

Most of the claims related to those that tripped and fell in the workplace, proving that the police are no different to any other workers in the UK. As personal injury solicitors, we’re used to dealing with various personal injury cases here at PHC Law – in fact, we’ve had over 100 years of experience.

So, why are the Daily Mail putting so much focus on this particular story? It mainly comes down to the spending of taxpayers’ money – however, there are things to be learnt from such an article, which also highlights some of the very real claims many of us make, such as tripping in a poorly lit corridor, falling down a hole in the floor, or even being exposed to asbestos. Surely we all have a right to a safe workplace, and being able to work without fear of injury is something we should expect from our employers.

Some of the more unusual claims included three police officers who were hurt during a personal safety training course. Another was mistakenly ‘clobbered’ with a colleague’s baton. In all, a total of £328,100 was handed to officers for compensation, while lawyers were awarded £260,900.

Had an accident at work?

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