Serious Road Traffic Accidents Often Lead to Whiplash

Serious road traffic accidents can be quite traumatic. It isn’t often people walk away from such accidents unscathed and in severe cases can be life changing, leaving people with injuries that can last a lifetime Whiplash is one of the most common injuries following a car accident, involving injuries to the back and neck The sudden impact of a road traffic accident can cause your head to suddenly be thrown backwards and sideways which can also cause severe injury to your nerves, muscle tendons, your upper back, bones and discs which can be quite painful and in some circumstance, life changing.

In some cases, people don’t suffer from a whiplash immediately after the accident happened. Symptoms such as muscle and back pain, stiffness in the neck, jaw, shoulders and arms can begin develop weeks after. Whiplash injuries can be confirmed by medical examinations that can be diagnosed through radiological examinations and medical imaging such as x-rays and MRI scans.

This is also a mandatory requirement as party of your whiplash compensation claim. Some victims of whiplash complain that they also have feelings of nausea, blurred vision and difficult swallowing. In more severe cases, people complain of memory loss, anxiety, depression, and impaired concentration which also warrant a car accident compensation claim due to whiplash injury.

Pain relievers and muscle exercises are prescribed for injuries that are classed as ‘minor’. In more severe cases, the symptoms of whiplash can last over a period of several years or even case permanent damage. In such cases, ongoing medical treatment will be required. A personal injury solicitor will be able to assist you with your claim and advice how much compensation you are entitled to.