Seeing a way to seek Compensation

Taking on a well known high street name can be pretty daunting, even when you feel you have a strong case to seek a compensation claim because of botched treatment.seeing a way to seek compensation

A Lee-on-Solent woman whose eyesight was ruined by laser surgery refused to be deterred at the prospect, however, and made an eye compensation claim against Optical Express. At the recent court hearing, the judge ordered the company to pay Stephanie Holloway over £500,000 in compensation.

After receiving laser treatment, Miss Holloway’s eyes were so sensitive that she had to wear dark glasses all the time. She had worked as an antiquarian book dealer, but can only bear to read by candlelight now and, as a result, her business has collapsed. She’s also been left with hazy vision and despite further surgery, doctors have told her nothing more can be done to help her.

The court heard that Miss Holloway had gone to an Optical Express branch in Southampton to see if laser treatment would cure her short-sightedness. Judge Edward Bailey ruled that the staff had ‘enticed’ Miss Holloway into having treatment that she should never have had in the first place. They had also charged her £2,790 for treatment she thought would only cost ‘from £395’.

Miss Holloway was encouraged to have the treatment by the optometrist who told her he’d had it done himself and that his eyesight was now ‘brilliant’. After the botched treatment, Miss Holloway became depressed and terrified that she would go blind. After seeking advice, she decided to make a compensation claim against the company.

Optical Express came out fighting and went as far as hiring a private investigator to follow Miss Holloway to prove she was exaggerating, but the court heard that despite filming her at home and out shopping, she never took off her dark glasses. Ruling that both Optical Express and the surgeon who performed the treatment were liable to pay full compensation, the judge said Miss Holloway had not been given enough information about the risks of the surgery and possible complications.

Anyone in a similar situation is entitled to think about making a compensation claim and should not be deterred by the fact that they are taking on a large organisation.

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