Schools Pay Out for Personal Injury

According to the TES website in 2015 Local Authorities paid millions of pounds in compensation to teachers in schools. They suffered serious injury, or discrimination in the workplace. Schools Pay Out for Personal Injury

These figures show little evidence of reducing.

The NASUWT teaching union said that more than a 150 personal injury claims referred to its solicitors during 2015.

It’s not just the school’s teacher’s union concerned about personal injury claims. Local councils have had to pay for negligence as well.

Last year Wolverhampton Council had to pay approximately £18,000 to a pupil. The person injured their hand. Its smallest compensation claim pay out was £445.79 after a school gate swung into the path of a car.

Local Councillor Andrew Johnson, said: “Our policy is to pay appropriate compensation only where we are legally liable to do so.

“We fully investigate all claims. Most of these claims result in no pay-out.”

In October, last year it was revealed by a freedom of information request that Sheffield council had paid out £100,000 to teachers and pupils in compensation for stress and injuries since 2014

However, if anyone suffers a personal injury through no fault of their own, whether an accident or assault, or in schools, it is their legal right and their prerogative to seek compensation. Irrespective of comments from Andrew Johnson. If the claimant is not at fault then the chances of payment for injuries occurred is proportionally higher.