School Teacher Assaults Rise

It is reported that in Scotland a teacher sustained serious neck injury as a result of a pupil attack.

The teacher’s identity remains undisclosed for legal reasons to protect the pupil’s privacy. The teacher’s injury is compared to a whiplash-style car accident. The physical assault was so severe that £55,000 in compensation was received.teacher school assaults rise compensation

The case originally received little media attention nor very little social media exposure online, unlike many stories today that gain virality.

The case only recently emerged as the Educational Institute of Scotland’s (EIS) teaching union revealed details of compensation payments to members in 2016.

Is school discipline breaking down? Do we continually see a rise in pupils attacking teachers in English and Welsh schools too?

In another incident, a teacher was paid more than £5,500 compensation after neck, leg, and stomach punches by a pupil left them in poor health for weeks.

In total between 2013-2014 more than £500,000 has been paid out to Scottish college lecturers and teachers. This figure continues to rise.

However, compensation pay outs don’t just include teacher assaults. In fact the most common type of injury claims are for slips, trips and falls.

The EIS also highlights a rise in the number of cases of work-related stress since 2013.