School runs could lead to potential road traffic accident claims

lollypop manA report by Road Safety Analysis shows that, as recently as 2012, there were over 800 serious and fatal injuries to pupils travelling at the start and end of the school day, meaning potentially hundreds of personal injury claims.

Each month, UK wide, some 1,100 children in all are hurt on school runs, and kids are more at risk in the morning and afternoon peak travel times, generally considered as being between 7.30am and 9am, and 3pm and 4.30pm every school day.

Over the past decade, a total of some 100,000 school pupils have been injured. Tragically, a third of all serious injuries and child deaths (from any case) occur with these kinds of accidents.

What’s more, these incidents are only the ones taking place within 500 yards of the school gates.

To avoid being the subject of road traffic accident compensation claims yourself, follow these common sense pointers:

  • Remember that you MUST stop for a School Crossing Patrol Officer (lollipop man or lady) – failing to do so could cost you a hefty £1,000 fine and three penalty points. You could even lose your licence. None of which, of course, would be anything compared to the guilt of having hurt a child.
  • Remember to look out for cyclists as well as pedestrians around schools.
  • Never park illegally when doing the school run.
  • In bad weather, it’s obviously even more important to be super careful.

Making road traffic accident claims

If you or your son or daughter is caught up in a road accident, clearly the first thing to do is make sure everyone you are travelling with is safe, and to get help from passers-by or the emergency services if someone seems to have been hurt.

If you think road traffic personal injury compensation claims could be on the cards, you’ll need to gather as much information as you can about exactly happened where, when and to whom. Try and write this down immediately as you may not be able to remember later.

But to purse successful road traffic injury claims, you’ll need the backing of a good law firm.

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