RTA Victim Claims £200,000.00 For Head On Crash

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The Claimant suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.  The accident was a very violent head on collision caused by the dangerous driving of the first Defendant who was subsequently prosecuted and jailed.

The Claimant was 38-years old when the accident occurred.  She suffered serious multiple injuries including multiple fractures and bruising to the arms and legs together with a psychological reaction. The force of the impact was so severe as to cause a life threatening lung collapse.

The Claimant will never recover from the injuries sustained in the accident and will continue to require adaptations/assistance at home and at work to enable her to function.

road traffic accident

Claimant suffered serious multiple injuries in a road traffic accident.

The claim was settled by agreement in December 2009 upon the Claimant accepting an offer of £200,000.00.  The Claimant was advised not to accept the offer and that a reasonable conservative estimate of damages in this matter were not less than £400,000.00.  Nevertheless, the Claimant acting contrary to advice has accepted the offer made and the matter is concluded.

Legal Evidence

Expert evidence was required from Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon together with evidence from a Consultant Psychiatrist, Chest Physician and Consultant Hand and Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon.

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