Rogue Operators Pester to Make Bogus Personal Injury Claims

People in the UK received more than 600 million cold calls in one year. According to media reports a proportion of these claims are from operators pestering them to make bogus personal injury claims.

Rogue Operators Make Bogus Personal Injury Claims

British citizens receive nearly 2 million ‘cold-call’ texts per day.

The volume of these calls is so high that it is now becoming a major industry concern. Operators are perceived as out of control and aggressive.

According to research done by Aviva Insurance British citizens received more than 600 million personal injury related cold calls. This disturbing figure equates to 2 million cold calls and texts per day!

The target market of these unscrupulous cold callers appears to be just about everyone. Including people involved in an RTA (Road Traffic Accident) in the last 5 years

In some instances, unscrupulous Claims Management Companies (CMCs) apparently try to encourage people to exaggerate personal injuries. In return they might get a better accident compensation claim. These companies can claim 40 per cent of a personal injury claim, more or less £2,000 for a typical compensation award of £5000.


Bizarrely Aviva exposed a case in which a mother of two was told she could take out a claim worth £10,000 against her husband’s car insurance. It was over pain suffered by her children following a vehicle incident.

Perhaps the reason CMCs make the volume of calls they do, is the amount of money seemingly available for little effort.

In contrast local legal practices like PHC Law do not cold call. PHC Law liaises directly with a prospective client, to build a relationship and act as representative during an injury claim. There is no intermediary or middle man in this process.

Research finds that nearly 70 per cent of people say nuisance calls are inconvenient and frustrating. Furthermore, 13 per cent said the calls make them feel ‘anxious’ and ‘intimidated’. In today’s digital world of smart devices, virtual reality, and machine learning, the traditional telesales cold calling approach seems incomprehensible. Such a negative trend in the UK is akin to online phishing scams and deception.

The British Government discussed plans to reform the entire system. They intend to bring in changes banning cash payments for minor whiplash claims and to offer claimants physiotherapy and treatment rather than cash. However, it is not clear when and if this reform will take place.

The entire insurance industry seems to be in consensus that cleaning up dodgy claims business would enable premiums to fall by an estimated £30 – £40 per year. A boost for innocent motorists.

We don’t cold call – if you need help or advice about a possible claim get in touch with us via our web form or call 01772 203303.