County Council Hosts Preston Remembrance for Victims of Road Accidents

LANCASHIRE County Council announced last week that local people killed in road traffic collisions will be remembered at a special service in November in Preston.

The special service forms part of The World Day of Remembrance Service. UK-based charity RoadPeace launched in 1993. Brigitte Chaudhry MBE, organised the first day of remembrance, to support bereaved families and friends of road accident victims, and to honour the work of the emergency services.

Like all successful charities RoadPeace had humble beginnings. Yet it is now a global movement, thanks to the work of Brigitte Chaudhry. Following its launch, a couple of years later in 1995 the European Federation of Road Traffic Victims added its support.

In 2000 the event was held across Europe and in other countries such as Australia, South Africa, and the Caribbean. By 2005 the World Health Organisation added its support and then the United Nations invited all nations to observe this special Remembrance Service.

Remembrance for Victims of Road Accidents

Rrepresentatives from Lancashire’s police, fire and ambulance services will attend the multi-faith event. Its starting time will be from 11.30am to 12.30pm on Sunday 20 November at the chapel in the Christ Church precinct at County Hall, Preston.

Janice Hanson the Council’s chairman has invited anyone affected by loss or injury following a road traffic collision to attend. It is after all a public event open to all Lancashire’s residents.

Indeed, the whole point behind the service is to remember people lost and to support grieving families. Some families still require support and understanding. This special service reminds us all about the dangers to extant on British roads.