A Police Force Pays £750,000 in Compensation

According to local Surrey press, a 153 successful compensation claims were made against Surrey Police in 2016. The claims involved damaged property, assault, and breaching the Human Rights Act.

Surrey Police force paid out more than £750,000 in compensation. One such compensation claim bizarrely included a letter not being posted. Some online remarks to describe this Police Constabulary include ‘incompetent’, and ‘Bungling’.

The Police force faced over a 140 claims regarding a series of accidents, damaged property, false arrest, assault, imprisonment, misbehaviour, and discrimination against the disabled. One claim was completed and the claimant awarded more than £20,000 in compensation after their smart phone device got destroyed during a police interview. Other cases include claiming against the Police for damaged house furniture and lost bed sheets, and damaged computer equipment.

A Senior Human Rights Officer at the British Institute of Human Rights, is quoted as saying: “Human rights provide safeguards for everyone. They allow us all to hold public officials to account when they overstep the mark”.

Bungling officers also managed to give confiscated property to the wrong person and paid more than £10,000 to fix damaged properties after forced entries and searches.

A spokesperson for Surrey Police explained that any claim for compensation is thoroughly investigated and each case dealt with on its individual cicumstances.

This news no doubt will come as a hard story for local councils that claim they’re already under pressure from cuts backs in social care and education.