£12,000 Compensation for Police Officer Bitten by Fleas

Fleas bit a West Midlands Police officer and caused injury. It is alleged fleas trespassed in a carpet or on an animal in a building. The details of the fleas’ offences are unknown and the exact whereabouts of the fleas is also unknown. The creatures evaded arrest and are still at large however they are probably dead as fleas normally only live for a few days.

If anyone identifies the fleas they should contact their local Police station.police claim compensation for flea bite

It is also unknown how much blood the fleas extracted from the Police officer. However, a freedom of information request recently revealed that the police officer was awarded more than £12,000 in compensation for being bitten. According to the force, the PC had to undergo emergency surgery after being injured by the parasites.

It is unknown if the fleas were questioned about their offence as they could not be identified nor was their any evidence obtain apart fro the bite marks on the officer.

The same Freedom of Information request revealed the officer’s payout was among other claims for personal injuries settled in 2016 and 2017. One claim included more than £5,000 for someone falling over twice.

These cases were just one of a number of Police workplace injury claims to West Midlands Police which paid more than £61,000 in compensation in 2016.

The pay out was branded ‘ludicrous’ by MP’s. Police officers like any other employed person are protected by employment laws, therefore they are entitled to claim compensation for injury. However some of these claims appear seemingly excessive. It is thought that this flea case may or may not undermine confidence in West Midland Police.

One source is quoted in the press as saying, ‘Times are a bit hard still, and to have the audacity to make a claim like that on tax payer’s money is extraordinary.’