PHC Law’s 12 Winter Warnings

In case you haven’t noticed it’s getting darker outside and the clocks slowly roll back to the Winter Equinox. Be careful out on the roads during December when the merry making begins and Christmas Parties start. Road traffic accidents peak in this period.Winter and Christmas is here, the time when people claim compensation

Here are 12 Things to bear in mind for this Winter time to help you prepare yourself – A Winter Warning!

  1. Christmas stock starts to make an appearance in shops (sometimes as early as October so you might be totally peeved off by it by now!! 😀 🎄🎄🎄)

2. If you don’t already watch Monty Don on BBC Garderners’ World you should!! This is the moment when everywhere gets covered in those falling leaves. They end up in your car, in your home. Our tip is to get your green fingers out before the Ice comes!

3. The Clocks went back end of October as the nights drew in. Yes, hence forth it’s been getting darker, and will until 21st Dec. Some people prefer driving in the dark. But drive safe especially on those school runs.

4. Hot drinks such as Chocolate and Horlicks, and Duvet days become socially acceptable once again.

5. ‘Limited edition Christmas food’ randomly appears and staff at work bring in constant supplies of mince pies and cakes. (not all work places are so generous)

6. Winter clothes come out! You see more people about in a Onesie visiting their local shop.

7. Work Christmas Parties – December gets a bit manic, not forgetting SECRET SANTA! 🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅🎅

8. You get stalked by Noddy Holder more or less everywhere you go… one, two, three… “It’s Christmas!”.

9. Health & Fitness become a significant subject for you to consider as normally it isn’t a priority. Losing weight in January is top of the agenda and for good reason.

10. Christmas Jumpers! They collect dust all year so it’s now a massive cultural thing in the UK to don one.

11. In early December the Christmas Radio Times and TV Times come out. Admit it, everyone buys them and plans telly viewing ahead with that marker pen!!

12. FROSTY MORNINGS! Make sure you get some de-icer and leave the house early especially if you’re on a school run! AND DRIVE SAFE… BLACK ICE!

We all know that statistically, during December and January drinking and driving increases. So make sure you use public transport while enjoying the festivities if you’ve been drinking. Get home safe! If you’ve been the victim of a car accident during the winter contact us, we offer No Win No Fee. We don’t charge you for calling us! 

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