PHC Law Urge Road Users Take Care as Clocks Go Back

Last year we saw a dramatic increase in the number of claims being made as the clocks went back, as people adjusted to darker nights and worsening weather conditions.

Philip Cuerden, Managing Director of PHC Law commented: “When the clocks go back and the evenings get darker, motorists should take extra care when they are driving. The number of road traffic accident claims that we deal with throughout the winter months highlight the need for motorists to be cautious whilst driving in the dark and in bad weather conditions”.

Throughout the working week, casualty trends peak at 8am and 5pm for adults and 3:30pm for children.

Every autumn and winter, road casualties remain to be at an all time high. People also affected and vulnerable to such accidents also include children, the elderly, cyclists and motorcyclists.

  • Motorists are more tired after a day’s work and darker nights affect people’s psychological state of mind and their concentration levels tend to be lower.
  • Adults tend to do their shopping, visit friends and participate in social activities after work, increasing their journey times and exposure to road dangers.
  • Children are leaving school when the evenings are darker, making the more susceptible to road dangers too.

PHC Law personal injury solicitors recommend the following tips to prevent motorists and all users alike to ensure they abide by the following safety measures:

Speeding is one of the most common causes of road traffic accidents. Throughout the winter months make sure you are more cautious and aware of the speed that you are travelling at, particularly when there is poor visibility and in bad weather conditions.

Make sure your front and rear lights are working properly; headlights, indicators, hazard lights, fog lights, and warning lights.

Check the tread depth, pressure and overall condition on both your front and back tyres.

Always make sure you have enough fuel in your car during the winter months to prevent any excess moisture freezing and affecting the fuel supply to the engine.
Journeys can be prolonged due to bad weather conditions. It is always wise to make sure you always have enough petrol in your tank.

Check the wiper blades are free from cracks and tears and replace where necessary. Make sure the washer bottle is topped up with windscreen anti-freeze to maintain good visibility.

Make sure you check your oil levels each month and make sure they are topped up regularly.

Check the cables and posts of your car battery are not corroded.

Ensure that you heater and defroster are working correctly.

Reflective Clothing
Motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians should wear reflective clothing throughout the winter months so that they are visible to other road users.

Philip Cuerden added: “Next month between the 21st-27th November, BRAKE, a national road traffic accident charity will be promoting the ‘Road Safety Week’.

This takes place in November every year and aims to give everyone the opportunity to promote road safety in their local community, school or company. Visit the BRAKE website for more information about how to take part”.

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