Louise Kenny at PHC Law Settles Knee Injury Case

knee injury caused by slip

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The claimant is a 47 year old gentleman and a Production Technician for a relatively large company.

Following a knee injury at work he contacted us at PHC Law, and we took his case and settled it on a No Win No Fee agreement.

Ms Louise Kenny at PHC Law said, “This gentleman suffered an accident at work. Unfortunately he slipped and fell on the floor due to a leakage from nearby machinery. He sustained a torn meniscus to his left knee. This sort of knee injury can be very painful indeed”.

This personal injury required initial surgery and subsequent physiotherapy. Then a further arthroscopic procedure with partial medial meniscectomy was necessary. The Claimant also suffered psychological symptoms as a result of the accident.

Ms Louise Kenny secured settlement after managing the case. The claimant received £25,000. This included £20,000 for the injury and £5,000 for financial losses including loss of earnings and treatment to assist with his recovery (physio/CBT therapy).

If you suffer from a knee injury whether in a road traffic accident, a fall at work, or slip in a public building please get in touch with PHC Law. You may be entitled to compensation. Call freephone: 0800 612 7 612