PHC Law Helps Welder Win Compensation Against Employers

A welder who had his employment terminated due to a work related accident has received compensation with the help of a Lancashire-based law firm PHC Law.

The man who cannot be named for legal reasons sustained an injury to his lower back as a result of falling onto the floor which was caused by a slippery floor surface.

Mr Cooper a senior consultant at PHC Law personal injury solicitors said his client suffered an injury to his coccyx that required a period of months off work needed to help aid his recovery.

“My client was walking towards the wash basins in the gentlemen’s toilets and fell due to the floor being extremely slippery that resulted in him being unable to work and required him to take a period of months off to recover.

“Although he wanted nothing more than to return to work, during the course of the recovery period, his employers decided to terminate his employment.

“This deeply saddened both my client and I that he could be treated in such a way, however he is now making a good recovery and is seeking alternative employment and is now getting his life back on track,” said Mr Cooper.

The Defendant, the client’s employers, denied liability in this case. But further to witness statements that were supportive of the circumstances of the accident, and medical documentation that had been obtained from the client’s GP and a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, a sufficient amount of evidence was brought forward and proceedings were commenced.

“They did not formally deny liability but made no concessions with regard to liability and made it clear that no offer would be forthcoming,” Mr Cooper added.

Proceedings were commenced and the Defendants raised no argument on liability but made an offer of £3,000.00 in response to Mr Cooper’s proposal of £4,500.00 compensation.

In settlement £3,500.00  was agreed by the client who received 100% compensation in full.

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