PHC Law Claims £35,000.00 Road Traffic Accident Victim

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The Claimant  was injured in a road traffic accident. The accident was a violently shocking and catastrophic accident.  The Defendant and his passenger were both killed.  Liability was admitted.

The accident had a profound effect on the Claimant’s physical and mental well-being.  The Claimant suffered a life threatening aortic tear injury which received expert treatment and from which there has been a good recovery.  However, there remained a requirement for periodic assessment and the risk of serious problems in the future.

road traffic accident claim

The road accident was catastrophic. The Defendant and his passenger were both killed.

In addition, the Claimant suffered orthopedic injuries comprising a fracture to the pelvis.

The Claimant was psychologically disturbed as a result of the accident but the position was made extremely complicated because the Claimant had difficulties with his behavior and anger management for some years before the accident.  He was having treatment for this together with his mother at the time of the accident and was benefiting from that treatment.  The effect of the accident was that the psychiatric injuries were superimposed upon and have exacerbated pre-existing problems.

Despite complex case conclusion was reached

As a result the Claimant did not complete his schooling normally and did not follow up with tertiary education.  He had a long period of unemployment.  The Claimant was distressed by this life threatening and terrifying accident.  His problems following the accident made the taking of instructions difficult. These difficulties were compounded by issues between the Claimant and the litigation friend with the Claimant temporarily leaving home and living with his grandmother who for a time agreed to act as litigation friend.

The Claimant is now over 18 years old and the matter is pursued on his own behalf.  Contrary to advice he has given instructions for the matter to be concluded and after negotiation settlement has been concluded in the total sum of £35,000.00 in compensation.

The Claimant and his mother, the litigation friend, were both upset and disturbed by this accident meaning that the taking of instructions from both the litigation friend and the Claimant required sensitivity and consideration throughout.

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