Personal Injury Solicitors in Preston

PHC Law Ltd has been in Preston for over a decade. We specialise in taking on compensation cases for no-fault personal injury. Our legal experts and solicitors have decades of experience. Our cases include work injury claims, road traffic accident injury claims, and many more.

road traffic accident compensationWe offer a No Win No Fee agreement on all our cases.

Every day we get asked all kinds of questions from clients. We answer questions on our website and offer free consultation. No one is obligated when they speak to us! There are no charges for this. Call us, visit the office, or fill in the form online. It’s simple.

But what kinds of personal injury questions do people ask our solicitors? Some of the most common include:

How much for a Back injury settlement? It depends on the severity of the injury. No two people have the same case. Compensation payments can range between £5000 – £50000+. working injury claim fall down staires

Finger injury Compensation amounts? As above any injury depends on its severity. No two people have the same case. However, a finger injury is considered as less serious than a hand injury which is equally considered less serious than a back or head injury. 

How long after an accident can I claim for Whiplash? Any type of personal injury claim, whether it’s a fall, car crash, back injury, or whiplash must be claimed within 3 years. Any later, you can’t claim.

Whiplash injury, how much compensation? This again depends on the severity of the injury but payments can consist of anything between £1000 – £10000. You would really need to fill in our form so we can assess your case. Remember there is no charge. We offer a No Win No Fee agreement.personal injury accident claims

Who are the Best solicitors in Preston? Well, we’d never claim that we are the best! We’re certainly up there in terms of success and experience and all our staff are experienced and friendly. We’re human too and we believe in justice and fairness, which is why our solicitors do what they do. A big law firm can’t always offer you that personal touch your’re after as a client. We pride ourselves in being able to deliver.

Compensation for Industrial injury? Yes we take on industrial compensation cases for people injured at work. These injuries include lots of different types including falls, and cuts using industrial and/or electronic equipment. A work injury claim can also include more complex injuries that affect movement for examaple or serious trauma. Get in touch with us if you’re not sure. (call or fill in a form on the website)

Can you claim on your Employer’s public liability for an Injury at work? Yes you can. It’s actually a misnomer when you hear the phrase ‘sue a boss’. You don’t sue anyone you actually make a claim against an insurer. So it is never ‘your boss’. The company you work for pays insurance like everybody. 

Who can I claim from when a Tram pulls up sharply because of Cyclist and I’m injured? You can claim against the bus or tram company responsible for the injury. It’s relatively straightforward. It just depends on whether you were injured or not. Contact us.