No Win No Fee Personal Injury Claims

‘No win, no fee’ is a term that is thrown around and advertised both on and offline. It’s also a hot topic where the legal industry’s concerned in the media.

Generally speaking, most people associate ‘no win, no fee’ to personal injury claims. But what exactly is ‘no win no fee’?

This post sheds some light on the term so that ordinary people can understand exactly what it means when it comes to getting access to justice.

No win No Fee – what does it actually mean?

No win no fee has emerged as a term since the Civil Procedure Rules were set out in 1998. It means very simply, that if there is no successful win for your compensation claim, there is no fee, legal costs or deductions to be paid to the solicitor representing your case.

The Benefits of Making a No win No Fee Personal Injury Claim

The idea of bringing a claim against a person, company or organization can be quite daunting. Often if a person has sustained a personal injury, they will be already compromised because of the financial burden of recovery, whether it’s because of taking time off working or having to pay for medical treatment.

No win no fee makes it easier for ordinary people to gain access to justice, because it provides a way for people to seek legal representation without the risk or worry of having to pay hefty legal fees, win or lose.

No win no fee personal injury solicitors know how to maximize the compensation that you deserve and will investigate into how much compensation you could be entitled to for the pain and suffering the injury has caused you, and how this has affected your day-to-day lifestyle.

They will also consider an award for which you will be compensated for any financial losses or ‘out of pocket’ expenses that you have had to pay.

But above all, choosing a no win no fee personal injury solicitor to deal with your case means that you can have peace of mind knowing you won’t have to pay a single penny towards having someone fight your corner, have your best interests at heart, and to recover the compensation that you deserve.

This is often not paid for by the party themselves, but their insurance company, especially if your claim relates to an accident at work or road traffic accident for instance.

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