Nightclub Assault Victim Wins Case with PHC Law

A man who was assaulted during a night out turned to PHC Law for legal expert advice after suffering multiple injuries in a unprovoked attack in a nightclub assault.

The Applicant suffered serious injuries when he was assaulted in a nightclub where he was knocked unconscious.

He suffered a skull fracture, brain injury and loss of smell and taste along with migraines.

A claim was submitted on behalf of the Applicant to the Government body who fully investigated the circumstances along with his Criminal Injury Law legal representative, Miss Louise Kenny.

Having successfully obtained a sufficient amount of Police and relevant medical documentation, the claim was accessed by the CICA in the sum of £6,865 compensation to include partial loss of taste and smell, brain injury over 28 weeks and a skull fracture, awarded on the Multiple Injury Scheme.

Miss Louse Kenny, a Criminal Injury Law Specialist who handled the case commented:

“The Applicant and I discussed his injuries, treatment and prognosis for the future at length and it was agreed that we would request a review of this decision as the Applicant’s loss of sense of smell and taste was not partial but permanent and the initial award did not take this into consideration. There is always risk when requesting a review of a decision that the award could be even less favourable when looked at by another Case Officer.

Accordingly, we obtained medical evidence to support the permanent loss of smell and taste and requested a review of the Applicant’s case”.

The application was looked at again by another Case Officer and assessed in the sum of £16,078.50 to include permanent loss of sense of smell and taste, brain injury over 28 weeks and skull fracture based on the Multiple Injury Scheme.

Miss Kenny added: “My client and I are very happy with the reviewed decision and thought it was a reasonable award for the serious injures he had suffered.

This case highlights the benefits of legal representation in being able to accurately assess possible awards and know when a decision should be reviewed based on experience and knowledge.

This was a very good outcome and my client received the justice he deserved.”