Quarter of Motorists Admit Tiredness

In the UK in 2015 there were more than 150,000 road traffic injuries and fatalities. As many as 100,000 could have been prevented if distractions didn’t get motorists attention.

According to a survey conducted by Exchange and Mart almost 1 in 4 motorists admit driving while tired. Sources such as the Department of Transport and the charity Brake, provide data that tired drivers are the greatest cause of road traffic accidents. The survey also revealed that more men admit to tiredness than women.

Normally people tend to lie when polled or surveyed. Stereotypically more men usually work in industries such as logistics and freight, and local council services such as environment. It is unsurprisingly therefore that more men admit to road tiredness.

motorists admit tiredness

Last month in November, marking the 19th Road Safety Week ‘Brake’ the charity campaigned for safer roads, as it does each year. It also acts as a pressure group trying to raise public awareness for sustainable transport. Every 30 seconds someone, somewhere in the world dies in a road crash.

More than 90% of all road accidents can be blamed in part on human error. Road Safety week works to remind motorists to stop and think about the things they do.

Only 9% of motorists surveyed said they use their mobile phone when driving. Smart device usage remains the second most common cause of road traffic accidents. However, this survey is arguably flawed and yet again reveals the extent of untruths in these types of survey. According to Digital Trends the figure is much higher at 70%. The culprit is social media – most of us are using Facebook and Instagram while driving. This shocking figure comes from USA data, but the cultural differences between USA and the UK are not too dissimilar. Equally social media usage is almost identical.

It is now illegal to drive while using a mobile phone. Motorists caught by the police receive 3 points on their licence and will be fined.

Have you been the victim of a road traffic accident? There’s nothing worse than seeing a motorist on their phone when driving – they put their lives and others lives at risk.

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