Motorbike Accident Victim Claims £400,000.00 Leg Injury Damages

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The Claimant was 25-years old when he was severely injured in a motorbike accident. He was riding his motor cycle on a country road when the Defendant did a “U” turn in the road in front of him making a collision unavoidable.  Liability was initially disputed by the Defendant who even raised a claim for damages against the Claimant himself.

claim for motorbike accident

The Claimant was riding motor cycle on country road when the Defendant did a “U” turn making collision unavoidable.

After some delay the insurers admitted liability and damages were eventually paid.

The Claimant suffered an exceptionally severe leg injury including compound fractures to the tibia and fibula extensive degloving together with damage to the right knee.  In order to prevent infection in the lower leg a transplanted muscle from the Claimant’s back was made and attached to the leg.  The result was an exceptionally deformed looking leg.

The Claimant underwent a number of further procedures because the accident had caused associated injuries to the toes, tendons, ankle and knee.  Only after the injuries had thoroughly settled and no other further surgery was contemplated did the Claimant undergo plastic surgery to reduce the cosmetic abnormality in his lower leg.

Absence from work and lost opportunities

After a lengthy period of absence from work the Claimant returned to his pre-accident employment and continued to be restricted in the hours of work which he could manage and the extent to which he could manage lifting and standing up at work.

He suffered psychologically as a result of the motobike accident. He received therapy and improved significantly.  His long held ambition was to join the Police Force.  His prospects of doing this were eliminated by the injuries sustained in the accident.

Expert evidence was obtained from a range of medical experts including orthopedic surgeon, plastic surgeon and consultant psychiatrist.

The Defendants made a number of inadequate offers as the matter progressed.  Eventually settlement was achieved at a joint settlement meeting when the Claimant accepted the Defendants’ offer to pay a total of £400,000.00 damages inclusive of interim payments and CRU.  Interim payments totaling nearly £60,000.00 had been made by the Defendant to the Claimant during the course of the action.

The Claimant who was very disturbed by the accident suffered a great deal emotionally and physically subsequently as he sought to come to terms with the gross cosmetic abnormality caused by the accident and a series of operations.  He was distressed at his inability to make a full recovery and that his ambition of becoming a Police Officer had been permanently thwarted.

He required patient and considerate advice throughout.

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