Medical Assessment Fees Changed In Whiplash Injury Claims

The fees for medical assessments for those making whiplash compensation claims have been changed in England and Wales.

The move by the government is part of a bid to cut down on the number of fraudulent claims that are said to be part of the so-called “compensation culture.”

Fees of up to £700 for an initial medical assessment are to drop to £180, Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, has said.

It is hoped that this new fixed charge will deter experts who write the reports from feeling encouraged to urge whiplash injury compensation claimants to seek treatment that isn’t needed.

The new rules on whiplash compensation, which come into force this autumn, are aimed at reflecting accurately how much time it takes to make the assessments and write the reports.

The change is one of a number of new rules affecting road traffic accident claims. For example, courts are now able to throw out a case for compensation where part of the claim has been shown to be essentially dishonest.

At PHC Law Ltd we’re in favour of a system that is robust but fair, and that allows those making genuine personal injury compensation claims to seek the money they need and deserve after an accident.

In our experience, the overwhelming majority of those making a whiplash claim are not pandering to this “compensation culture” or out for what they can get, but simply seeking to recoup the money they have lost through missed work or in medical expenses.

However, with the new rules in place, it does mean that you need the support of a good personal injury law firm more than ever. But, equally, you shouldn’t worry unduly – genuine claims will still be successful.

At PHC Law, we have a 98% success rate in personal injury compensation claims, have over a century of experience between us and are one of the UK’s most reputable firms of its kind.

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