Maria Miller Hostility to Transgender Report Came from Women

When the Women and Equalities Committee published a report calling for a radical change in attitudes to transgender people, it didn’t receive expected attacks by Homophobes and extreme right-wing elements but ‘women’ it claims.

Gender discrimination is still an issue in the UK. Former Culture secretary Maria Miller has said she was very surprise by hostility from a minority of women. Interviewed by The Independent on Sunday Member of Parliament Maria Miller explained that the “majority” reaction to her report was positive. There was some opposition to a call for “gender neutral” passports and for 16-year-olds to be given the legal right to change gender. Yet overall it seems the majority of the government and the Conservative party support the results and findings of the gender report.

There was some disbelief on Twitter originally at Maria Millers appointment as the Women and Equalities Minister, some showing surprise following her shame and sacking over an expenses bungle.

However, according to online sources via Google search, Maria Miller explained that there was some ‘negative reaction’ to comments she made that women’s refuges had to provide equal access to transgender people. Allegedly there is some quite vociferous opposition to this.

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On Twitter a few tweets illustrated some disbelief at Maria Millers appointment as the government’s new Women and Equalities minister. However, on the whole support was rather positive on the social network.

Maria Miller

In 2016 Germaine Greer controversially tweeted on Twitter that transgender women “can’t be women”, and went on to post other strong remarks.

germaine greer

Maria Miller disagreed with Germaine Greer’s own remarks. She mentioned that Fawcett Society, campaigning for women’s rights, conducted research that collected data that demonstrated wading into the dangerous territory of radical feminist politics, insisted that they are wrong. She pointed to research by the Fawcett Society, a think-tank campaigning for women’s rights, which found that two-thirds of feminists believe gender to be changeable.

The crux of the argument centres around achieving a just society and true equality for all – but it starts with transgender people too.