Making Compensation Claims for Injures Received at Funfairs and Theme Parks

Injures received at funfairs and theme parks are easy to find, a frivolous excursion can easily turn into a miserable day out if you are unfortunate enough to be injured by way of an on-site accident.

Of course, the chances are that this will not happen to you. Indeed, theme parks and funfairs operating in the UK have excellent safety records and stringent operating procedures.  If something bad does happen however, you could be entitled to make an injury compensation claim.

Why Would I be Entitled to Make a Claim?

There is a very simple reason why you would more than likely be entitled to make a personal injury claim following an accident at a theme park or fun fair – owners have a responsibility to provide all of their visitors (and staff) with a duty of care.

In order to qualify for compensation, you simply need to show that that there has been some negligence on the part of the owners or managers. For example, a defective or improperly operated ride could create a collision or jolt which results in you experiencing a whiplash-type injury. Of course, injuries sustained on rides are not the only accidents which can happen at theme parks and funfairs. Indeed, accidents such as trips and falls can happen far away from the rides in seemingly safe places like restaurants and car parks. For example, failing to clean up spilt liquids or repairing an uneven path could result in patrons experiencing a slip or trip, whilst inadequate signage could lead people to wander into areas where members of the public should not be allowed.

Obviously you have to actually suffer from an injury that is clearly the fault of the park or fair in order to make a successful claim. If you simply ignore signs and wander into an area that you are not supposed to be in to satisfy your own curiosity then you will be unlikely to get much in the way of compensation if you get injured (although it could be argued that the theme park did not do enough to prevent you from accessing this area, in which case you still might be entitled to some compensation).

What Should I Do If I Have Been Injured Whilst Visiting a Theme Park or Funfair?

If you are injured at a theme park or funfair through no fault of your own then the first thing you should do is report the incident to a member of staff and get first aid. If you feel well enough to do so, you should then take some pictures of the area surrounding the scene and obtain details of any witnesses (names and addresses) who can be approached later for statements. If the accident or injury is significant enough then the Health and Safety Executive will need to be informed.

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