Making An Accident Compensation Claim Against A Robot?

Making a road traffic accident claim following a collision in which someone has sustained a serious injury can seem a complicated business, and is certainly a good time to have the right legal team on your side. In most instances, you will be making a claim against the other driver, or his or her insurers, but what happens if the other driver is one of the self-driving, so-called ‘robo-cars’ that are being allowed on UK roads from next year? How will the law stand in regards to making an accident compensation claim against a robot?

The Government has announced that cars, guided by laser sensors, radar, sat-nav and cameras will be allowed on public roads from January 2015. Many of the big manufacturers, including Honda, Volvo, Nissan, Ford and Mercedes Benz have been developing the technology that will allow the human driver to take a back seat, while the car’s computer does the real work. Google is also involved in developing self-driving technology.

Initially, the cars will be allowed on our roads as part of lengthy trials and will be restricted to specific roads or lanes on motorways. Robo-cars are already allowed on roads in some parts of the US, as well as Japan and Sweden, but the move has prompted numerous concerns over safety.

Insurance companies have also raised such issues as road traffic accident claims and who is liable if a self-driven car is involved in a crash. In a survey done by Churchill Car Insurance in the UK, 56% of adults said they wouldn’t buy a robo-car, with a quarter of people saying the cars wouldn’t be safe. If road traffic accident claims are complicated enough as the law stands, imagine what will happen if robo-cars become a common sight on our roads? Although some people may see the appeal of letting the car do the work, the law over these vehicles will clearly have to be set out before they can be used in future.

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