Making a Claim for a Pavement Slip or Fall

Slip or Fall on pavements make for some of the most common types of injury claim.

But who is responsible if you have a trip or slip on a pavement? And what should you do if you experience one yourself?

Read on to find out.

Take Photos

Even if you are not immediately concerned about making a personal injury claim, you should try to take some decent digital photographs of the area of pavement which caused you to trip or slip. These pictures should be taken from a variety of angles and clearly show where your accident happened, what the defect was that caused it, and how big the defect in question was. If you can, place that day’s newspaper somewhere in the photo (but not obscuring the defect). This will help to verify the date the picture was taken.

Failure to take pictures promptly will give those responsible for the upkeep of the pavement the opportunity to repair the defect before you have a chance to record its state of disrepair. If this happens then you will find it a lot harder to prove that the defect was as dangerous as you first claimed.

Get Medical Assistance

The next thing you should do is seek medical assistance, even if your injuries are only minor. Getting yourself medically checked will not only make sure that you haven’t done any lasting damage, it will also ensure your injury gets recorded.

Keep Evidence of Expenses

Naturally, you should keep records of all expenses you incur as a result of your trip or slip. For example, things like medical prescriptions, public transport tickets, and petrol receipts should all be kept in a large envelope for future reference.

Take More Photos

If you get the opportunity, you should try and return to this scene of your trip or slip with a friend and a brightly coloured ruler and take some more photographs, this time showing the height of the defect (if it is still there). Remember to zoom in close when taking pictures where measurements are being illustrated. After all, a lovely shot of your friend holding a ruler will mean very little if you can’t see the measurements on it!

Notify those Responsible

The final thing you need to do is notify whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the pavement…but not before you’re satisfied you have all of the photographs you need.

As with any other type of personal injury claim, taking the right steps after the event has happened will help to make sure any claim you make has a far better chance of being successful. So, if you experience a slip or trip on a pavement, be sure to keep the aforementioned information in mind!

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